Frequently Asked Questions

How many medals can I order?

The quantity you order is up to you! However, we typically have a minimum of 150 medals. Whether you order 150 or 1,500, we help make the ordering process simple, affordable, & fun! 

What if I don't have art?

No art, no problem! 

Whether you are a business, organization, or individual, our experienced art team will work with you to bring your ideas to life — or help you brainstorm ideas! If you want to use your own logo in a design, we do ask that you provide a logo file. 

How much do Fiesta medals cost?

Everything about your Fiesta medal will alter the cost. Things to consider are quantity, size, thickness, colors, details, and any "extras" like glitter or glow in the dark. 

We cannot provide accurate pricing without quantity, size, and art idea; however, we can discuss your budget and vision for your medals, and that will help us provide you with a price quote. 

When should I order my medals?

You should order your medals as early as you can! We create art and place Fiesta medals orders all year round, so it is never too early! Ordering before November is perfect timing to ensure your medals arrive in time for you to receive and market your medals! 

Why should I create my own Fiesta medal?

Fiesta medals are one of the biggest aspects of Fiesta! Over the last few years, everyone from businesses to non-profits to individuals create their own medals to participate in the celebration! Fiesta medals are a great way to market your business, organization, or event; and even for avid collectors to use for trading!

How long does the ordering process take?

Once your order is placed, you should receive your medals in about 3 - 4 weeks. Keep in mind, this time frame does not include working on art and finalizing your design, so remember to add extra time when you are planning your Fiesta medal process!